Articles by: Chris Moon

The Distraction Era: How modern poker is betting blind

Chris Moon | June 15, 2014

It’s here. The Amazon Room is again alive with the seemingly endless buzz of shuffling chips, the vuvuzela-like resonance which signals that our World Cup has begun.  At last, the Thunderdome has awoken from a nearly yearlong slumber, ready to introduce the world to the newest wave of poker talent.  There’s no place in the [...]

Make-Up Deals as an Income Strategy for Pros

Chris Moon | March 15, 2014

Often times in poker, your preparation and decisions away from the table can play as big a role in long-term profitability as your strategy on the felt. Unlike other strategy articles that focus on one particular hand or tournament, this article is intended to be an overview of full-time/make-up backing deals, drawing upon my own [...]