Articles by: Chris Wallace

Fox Tales … Short-Handed Play

Chris Wallace | February 15, 2015

Many of the cash game pros I know, myself included, make their highest hourly rate in their last few hours of play. People get tired, they are tilted, they may have been drinking, and, most importantly, they are not comfortable playing short-handed when the games start to run down. When you get a chance to [...]

Fox Tales … This is the right way to get better

Chris Wallace | November 15, 2014

A few important exercises to raise your game Play with strong competition, but not all the time. Watch and learn from them, treat them like a puzzle and learn how to beat them. Watch how strong players deal with bad players and how they deal with you. The most common question I get lately is [...]

Fox Tales … Playing online is still an option

Chris Wallace | October 15, 2014

It may be tough, but there are still ways to play poker Online poker is in a state of flux. You can play legally in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware, and there are sites of questionable legality that are based offshore where anyone can play. So what is the future of online poker and where [...]

Fox Tales … If you’re going to get better …

Chris Wallace | September 15, 2014

Try fishing for sharks now and then I developed a bad habit because of the way my poker career started. I approached the game in a very careful way, studying a game before I played in it and starting out as a winner. Why is this a bad habit? At the time, it was the [...]

Finding Relevance

Chris Wallace | August 15, 2014

Playing poker using hand ranges No matter how much we learn about poker, there is always more. The game is complex that every time we are sure we have it figured out we discover a whole new set of strategies to employ. I remember when I learned about hand ranges and found a calculator, the [...]

All my bling dreams finally come true

Chris Wallace | July 15, 2014

Our hero wins the H.O.R.S.E. title I’ve always wondered what it was like to win a bracelet. This year, I found out. Not just a bracelet either, but the bracelet I wanted the most. The $10,000 Buy-in HORSE Championship. Have you wondered what that is like? Come on, I’ll show ya! My final table played [...]

Playing the Confidence Game

Chris Wallace | June 15, 2014

Be who they need you to be, then take it all … Strategy, hand ranges, combinatorics, and pot odds are neat, but what really makes poker interesting for me is the human element. The social interactions and the clash of desires between the play that makes the most money and the play that fulfills you [...]