Articles by: Jamie Kerstetter

Party Poker Strategy … A 4-bet situation

Jamie Kerstetter | February 15, 2015

Jaime takes on Vanessa Selbst In the beginning of December, I had the chance to escape the New Jersey tundra to travel down to Florida’s Seminole Hard Rock Casino and take part in “Poker Night in America.” I was part of a cast of nine accomplished female professionals, including the terrifying Vanessa Selbst and arguably [...]

Party Poker Stragety … Checking into ICM

Jamie Kerstetter | October 15, 2014

Don’t just hand over your chips Take a look at a tournament chip. You will probably find some variation of “no cash value” printed on it. While you won’t get very far trying to spend it at the mall, that chip does have a real dollar value during a tournament. You can determine its value [...]

Party Poker Strategy … Overcoming Tilt

Jamie Kerstetter | August 15, 2014

A player is only as good as his B game. An average player will find it easy to play well when in the perfect mindset and situation, but that means very little to his bottom line if he gives it all back when poker becomes frustrating. There is an abundance of material available for a [...]

Satellite Signals

Jamie Kerstetter | April 15, 2014

Getting into a big one on a budget If you have big poker dreams but a small bankroll, this time of year can be tough. When your heart is set on the upcoming WPT Championship and WSOP Main Event, but your wallet suggests a Borgata daily, the answer is simple: sell a kidney on the black market! Or try your hand [...]