Articles by: Jennifer Tilly

Seminole Hard Rock Casino

Jennifer Tilly | April 15, 2014

Mind over matter I am currently at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino playing its multiple rebuy tournament, referred to in the media as “Groundhog Day.” Phil played a similar tournament here last year, and came home very enthused. He loved the structure, the multimillion dollar guarantee and the incredible turnout. (This year entries totaled 1,796, [...]

Crazy Days and Crazy Nights

Jennifer Tilly | March 15, 2014

It is day four of the LAPC World Poker Tour main event.  There are 49 players left.   I am the chipleader. I have been here before.  In 2006, at the Borgata Main Event I was one of the biggest stacks and busted out number 15.  I gifted my chips to Mark Newhouse who went on [...]

The Lost City

Jennifer Tilly | February 15, 2014

I am at the Golden Door.  We are lying on our backs listening to the sacred sounds of a woman playing a crystal bowl. A girl sits up.  “I think I experienced a snippet of a past life memory!”  she announces.  “I was in an open space, and there were hundreds of people playing these [...]

Adventures in the PLO

Jennifer Tilly | January 15, 2014

Once, a long time ago, when I first started dating Phil, I went to the tiniest of cash games, run by this guy who eventually went to jail for dealing drugs. Every time I would get a little ahead, the whole gang would enthusiastically switch to this newfangled game, called PLO. I was doubtful, but [...]

Vegas: December

Jennifer Tilly | December 15, 2013

Las Vegas is bright and cold. The icy weather hits me like a wall when I leave the airport. I am here for the WPT Five Diamond tournament at the Bellagio. I always like this tournament. Christmas is a great time to be in Vegas. All the casinos are lavished with extravagant decorations, and the [...]

What is the percentage that you will read this article?

Jennifer Tilly | November 15, 2013

“Phil is so funny,” says Emily. We are sitting around after the show, and I mention he is coming to visit. “Does he still speak in percentages?” she wants to know. Apparently the last time she saw him four years ago, he confided, “I love Jennifer 70 percent more than I ever loved anyone.” When [...]

Getting it Right

Jennifer Tilly | October 15, 2013

I am in New York now. I am performing at the Joe Papp Theater with Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory in “Grasses of a Thousand Colors.” It is a beautiful brilliant play but not necessarily a crowd pleaser. It is a compendium of ideas: dense and talky. When we premiered it in London, we got [...]