Articles by: John Beauprez

Making Moves … How to Make a Profitable C-Bet In PLO

John Beauprez | February 15, 2015

In previous articles, I’ve mentioned that one of the main reasons all poker players should learn PLO is because it makes you better at all the other games you play. In post-flop terms, the approach to c-betting is where the distinctions between PLO and NLHE begin to unfold. In other words, becoming a c-betting ninja [...]

Making Moves … Semi-Bluffing the Turn in PLO

John Beauprez | November 15, 2014

Keep your strength until you need it $2/$4 Omaha 6 Players Stacks: UTG $400 UTG+1 $905.60 Hero (CO) $400 BTN $316 SB $694.35 BB $448.30 Pre-flop ($6, 6 players) Hero is CO J♣T♠9♠8♣ 1 fold, UTG+1 calls $4, Hero raises to $18, BTN calls $18, 1 fold, BB calls $14, UTG+1 calls $14 Flop: 3♠6♥9♣ [...]

Making Moves … The $20,000 Four-Betting Lesson

John Beauprez | October 15, 2014

Stop handing out money The first thing I want to talk about for calling four-bets is the $20,000 lesson, which is the name I came up with to help you remember that four-betting ranges are heavily weighted toward Aces, particularly at the lower stakes. I call it the $20,000 lesson, because that’s how much I’ve [...]

Making Moves … Blind Jousting: How To Play Blind vs. Blind In PLO

John Beauprez | September 15, 2014

Strategies for how to correctly play blind versus blind is a topic that doesn’t get much airtime in books or videos. In six-max, I think it’s definitely worth spending some time going over what the best adjustments are for these positions. Not only to play well in blind battles, but also to look for ways [...]

Late Position Opening Ranges

John Beauprez | August 15, 2014

Playing a wide range of hands in position is the bread and butter of any successful player’s game, and it’s where the majority of profits are derived. Position helps us accumulate profit, because information in poker is where all the money comes from. When it folds to us in the CO or the BTN, we [...]

Making Moves … The Value of Position In PLO

John Beauprez | July 15, 2014

Know where you stand Given the state of the games and availability of poker training out there, I’m assuming practically everyone reading this doesn’t need to be told that being in position (IP) is good, and being out of position (OOP) is bad. I don’t know about you, but that seems too general for me, [...]

Making Moves … Check-Raising In PLO

John Beauprez | June 15, 2014

They want to give you their chips, help them out I find it strange how the entryways for most of the poker rooms in Las Vegas have a sign that reads, “Check-raising is permitted in this poker room.” What the hell is that all about? Was there seriously a time when players weren’t allowed to [...]