Being Laak … Computers, Caves & A Monster Table

Today, I got a new computer. It is so fast that the words I am typing actually appear before I even type them. This makes it tricky to write but I am amazing and when you are amazing you can out type even the fastest computers. For what it’s worth, I originally started this article off with “I live in a cave, or at least sometimes it feels like I do.” But then I changed my mind and went with the line about getting the new computer. However, the whole cave phenomena thingy is very real to me and to that end I would like to share some things.

Well, first let me tell you how I got to the cave.

First I went to school.
Then I got a job.
Then I discovered people played games for money.
I decided that playing games was more fun than working.
So ….
I quit my job, and started playing games for money.

And then somewhere between a long time ago and today I started to feel like Neo did in the car when he points to the noodle shop and tells Trinity that he used to eat there.  (That was a “Matrix” reference and if you have not seen that movie then you are more in a cave than I will ever be.) When he points to the noodle shop the dreaminess of that moment basically follows me around a LOT of the time.

I often am the last to know. That is what happens when you are in the cave. The more I drift into the cozy flow of intersecting probability matrices, the less I track stuff in the real world. And that is what happened when I tuned in today.

Mini back story …
About four months ago, Jennifer and I decided to travel less. If we got the urge for poker, it would be cash games, not tournaments. (Except for events in either LA or LV.) I would still tune in to see who was winning what for the events we were going to miss, but the being there part was to take a back seat for a bit.

So today, I tune into the site to see what is happening down under. After that, I went to because I needed more. (Not only do I play, but I am a fan boy, too. I like to stay current with the poker news.) And in comes one of those cave moments I was talking about.

Apparently, according to the insta web not only is the WSOP APAC underway today, but there was action happening in London, too! I am tempted to ask (rhetorically) how I missed this, but I already know how I did. Just another “living in my cave” moment. The 2014 EPT Season 11 was happening in London and I had not a clue.

And now it makes sense to me why event No. 8 at the WSOP APAC had only 48 runners. We live in a big world and two poker festivals were in clash mode. Nutty. But on the up side, it is nice that poker has grown so huge in popularity that two decently important festivals where in clash mode.

Speaking to poker’s popularity for a second. I would like to thank Monster Headphones for stepping up to the plate. They are awesome for not only making great amazing headphones, but for also injecting love straight into the poker world.

It has been a while since the poker world got some killer free roll action. But it recently happened. Let me tell you about it.

One day whilst chilling in the cave, (being generally out of it and not knowing what was going on), I opened an email. Monster Headphones was throwing a party and wanted to know if I would join! I can be out of it at times but I knew not to snooze on this one. They flew six of us out to the Borgata at the tail end of the WPT event and really made it worthwhile for everyone. The lineup was David Williams (eventual winner … congrats good sir … well bowled!), Antonio Esfandiari, Vanessa Selbst, Scotty Nguyen, Tony Dunst and me!

They really heaped it on, too. They flew us out, hooked us up with free rooms and schwag and were basically committed to throwing an awesome party. Prizes included! The winner enjoyed a package worth about 75,000 dollars. If memory serves me correct, it was 20K cash, three WPT event entries totaling 35K, and a super fancy watch worth about 20K. I think I would remember exactly except there was nothing for second place.  : (

I had my goggles on, was getting direct transmissions from the Mothership, and I felt like I was in the zone. But it was all for naught. At the start, it seemed that every huge pot was between Selbst and Antonio. Williams and I made a few jokes. We started to call it the Selbst/Antonio show for a bit. I began to wonder; will anyone else ever play a huge pot here other than these two? Unfortunately, I got my answer when I super slow played a set against Selbst who had a higher set — it didn’t help matters when I went spaz monkey mode (all in) on the river thinking I had the hand. That hurt but luckily I had her covered and was able to somehow meet Williams for a heads up battle.

Well bowled good sir. And thanks again to Monster for throwing an awesome event. Not sure when but sometime in the future WPT will show it as part of its regular programming. Anyway … that is that, and now I would like to go back to my cave. We will see you soon … I can only be in cave mode for so long you know!

November 2014