Being Phil Laak … Goggle man

The mother ship is calling

The Hard Rock Poker Show Down. Top notch event. Awesome guarantees. This time they made it for 5 million dollars. What happens next is logical enough.

Phil LaakAn army of poker hopefuls fly in. They take their places and then…. Well then the carnage unfolds. Three “day ones” AND re-entrys available on the fly. The prize pool swells. People bust, people rebuy.

Sometimes it is hard to adjust. Is that fella on his fourth bullet? Is he in fifth gear? Oh wait, no, I think I remember that fella… He only peddles the nuts. Or wait… he loses his mind after a small beat. Table move? Arghghgh… Time to make new notes.  Vpip, pfr, matrix surfing

Ok… I fold… More hands… Dinner break.

Back to the room. Need some rest, not so hungry. As the nap envelops me, I feel transported.

A dream? Or is this real?

In space, it seems. Chilling with what appears to be radiant forces of light in an oblong-shaped room, with nothing but the view. Of Earth! Yes… it is real. I really am in a spaceship. How can it be? I was just taking a nap right? But it seems real. One of the “light orbs” hands me a box. A reflective multi-colored box. “Wear these, await transmissions.” Huh?

And then in a whiff of an instant I am transported back to my bed. I awaken.

What a weird dream…. Never really had anything so crazy feel so real..

Getting up to leave the room, I shudder.

The same reflective colored box from my dream. Sitting there. Unearthly.

As I reach toward the box it seems to open itself.

Goggles. I throw them in my backpack, I am running late. Don’t want to miss any hands….

In the elevator, I am bewildered. What a strange dream. Maybe I should try them on. They surely won’t deliver me signals.. Will they? Can they? How did those goggles get there anyway?

Let’s recap.

I go to bed, I dream. This one is weird.
I am in space. I meet strange life forces.
I am given a message. I awaken.

But part of my dream has followed me into this world.  Spaceman goggles? Alien goggles? Dream goggles? I am not really sure. I can’t help but wonder…

What will happen if I put them on?  I know I will do it eventually so before I even pop out of the elevator I dig them out of the backpack. Wow. So shiny. They must be from space. I know from TV that things from space are shiny.

I put them on.  A slight but audible click — whirrrr — it sounds like I may have triggered some sort of electronic lock. Some sort of microtechnology is underfoot. I don’t see any wires or how the mechanics of these things work. But wow.

They are more than goggles.  They are spaceman from dream land goggles and things are more clear now.

What is that sound? So faint.



I thought I heard “jog”.

Am I running late? I don’t think so but jogging back to the table would get the blood moving. Not a bad idea no matter where it came from.

“Faster.” So I move faster.

As I settle into my seat, I can feel the mother ship’s signals coming in. The synaptic gaps and the dendrite connections are alive with action. The alpha pattern is established and I am in rhythm with my cerebellum. Directives are streaming and, not sure of the ethics dilemma this presents, I continue on.

Bet small.
Induce a shove.
Over bet.
Check call. Etc etc etc…

The mother ship says and I do.

All my decisions are effortless. I am tuned in. I don’t hear the answers… they are somehow being directly fed to me from the mother ship and I am able to skip the analytics. Skipping the analysis. Seems insane. But what would you do? Keep taking the directives, right?
If the mother ship is able to send goggles back with me from space, I am supposed to wear them. Right?

Feels like a no brainer.

I only hope there are no solar flares tomorrow to get in the way of the ship’s transmissions.

The transmissions… The transmissions.

I listen to the mother ship.

I am Goggle Man.

May 2014