Poker Tells

Poker Tells at the WSOP Main Event

December 2013

When the prize is worth millions, Amir Lehavot called in a pro In late October of this year, I got an email from Amir Lehavot asking if I’d be interested in helping him prepare for the WSOP Main Event final table. (For those of you who didn’t follow that event, Lehavot was one of the [...]

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Poker Tells … The Lump In Your Throat

November 2013

Interpreting Gulping in Poker A hard swallow, also known as a gulp, is generally associated with nervousness and fear. Chances are, you’ve been in a situation where anxiety makes your throat feel constricted, giving you that “lump in the throat” feeling and that sudden need to swallow. In poker, things get more complicated. You can [...]

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Poker tells: Explanations for actions

October 2013

You’re broadcasting. You don’t know it, but you are When playing poker, you should pay attention whenever anyone gives any sort of explanation for why they are checking, calling, or raising. When players verbalize reasons for what they are doing, they are usually trying to distract you from the actual reasons. Josh Hale, winner of [...]

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Verbal tells: Communicating Strength With Weakness

September 2013

This article is about analyzing a certain kind of verbal statement. Most tournaments these days do not allow talking about your hand, so this article will primarily be of use to cash game players. Some players who are bluffing will try to communicate that they have a strong hand by stating some slight, believable weakness [...]

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10 Things You Should Know About Poker Tells

August 2013

Read them right and win big Because I write about poker tells, many people assume that I think of myself as some sort of poker tells genius. But this isn’t the case; I don’t consider myself a poker tells expert or “guru” at all.  Rather, I’d call myself a student of poker-related behavior; someone who [...]

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Five Profitable Truths About Bluffing

September 2012

What they don’t know can’t hurt you I like to bluff. It makes me feel tingly and triumphant. But I don’t get to do it very often. After you finish today’s lesson, you’ll understand why that is. So, here are five facts about bluffing in poker. Profitable bluffing truth No. 1: Most players lose for [...]

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Costly Poker Perceptions

November 2011

WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW, TRUST US…. YOU DON’T The way we perceive poker can be just as important as the way we play it. That statement doesn’t make sense at first. You’re thinking that if you play poker correctly, then it doesn’t matter what you perceive. You’ll still win. That’s true, so I must [...]

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